Converting Poser 3 models to POV 3.5

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Painting the tie map


UV Mapping

It's possible to set up a mapping between the polygons in the model and polygons in an image. The relevant parts of the image can then be coloured in with a paint package.

If you're used to using image maps in POV, you're probably used to the idea of one image map containing one texture, but with POSER models it's more traditional to have one large image which contains all the different textures. Different parts of the object are mapped to different areas of the texture image.

1. Making a template
Run UVmapper and load in your OBJ file.
If some of the objects overlap, you can move them around and scale them as necessary (use select - group to select a group, move it by dragging with the mouse and scale it by dragging the corners). See the UVmapper tutorial on the site where you found UVmapper for full details. There's lots more than can be done with UVmapper.
Save the template. It's a good idea to save quite a large image - I recommend at least twice the size of your final render, otherwise the individual pixels from the texture image may be noticeable on your final render.
If you made any changes to the mapping, also save the OBJ file so that it reflects the changes.

2. Paint it
Use a paint program to paint textures onto the template. It's best if you happen to have a paint program that can handle layers and paint a different layer from that which contains the template.
It's traditional in POSER to paint the whole thing, but that's because the procedural textures available there are very limited. Since we're going to be rendering in POV, we can use procedural textures for the plain materials and only paint those parts of the object that need an image map.

3. Edit the POV file
Declare the image map texture, and apply it to those parts of the image that you have painted. In this example, I've only painted the tie, so the relevant part of the POV file looks like this:

#declare OBJuvPOV_Texture = texture 
   {pigment {image_map {
       png "poser4.png" interpolate 4

#declare OBJuvPOV_Texture_OBJuvPOVtie = texture {OBJuvPOV_Texture}
#declare OBJuvPOV_Texture_OBJuvPOVjacket = texture {pigment{rgb 0}}
In the next section we will consider Poser 4 and transparency mapping.

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