Converting Poser 4 models to POV 3.5

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Poser 4 doesn't seem to suffer from the hair material problem that affects Poser 3, so that stage of the conversion is unnecessary.

Occasionally, Poser 4 will export an OBJ file that uses "fo" instead of "f" to denote the facets, and this is not accepted by OBJuvPOV. Once again UVmapper comes to the rescue. Just load the object into UVmapper and save it back without making any changes. When re-written by UVmapper, the facet information is corrected so that OBJuvPOV will accept it.

Transparency Maps

Poser image

From Poser 4

POVRay image

To POVRay 3.5

Poser 4 introduces the concept of transparency maps. This can be very useful for making hair look more realistic, and for re-tailoring some of the clothes.

Although Poser 3 doesn't have transparency maps, there's no reason why you can't use the technique in POVRay on a model that originated in Poser 3. The above image uses transparency maps on the hair and eyelashes (which aren't particularly noticeable on these small images) and another on the Poser4 t-shirt to convert it into a "hot top".

The technique to use for implementing transparency maps in POVRay is the pigment_pattern. You can use this to map black areas of the transparency map to an invisible texture and white areas to a visible texture. The invisible texture shouldn't have highlights, but the visible parts of the texture can be given highlights without affecting the invisible parts.

This pigment pattern texture uses an image map for the visible parts.

#declare ShirtTex = texture {
  pigment_pattern {image_map {jpeg "transmap.jpg" interpolate 2}}
  texture_map {
     [0 pigment {rgbt <0,0,0,1>}]
     [1 pigment {image_map {jpeg "texture.jpg" interpolate 2}}]
This pigment pattern texture uses a simple pigment for the visible part.
#declare LashTex = texture { 
  pigment_pattern {image_map {jpeg "translash.jpg" interpolate 2}}
  texture_map {
     [0 pigment {rgbt <0,0,0,1>}]
     [1 pigment{rgb <.8,.4,.3>}]
Hint: if a light ray has to travel through several layers of invisible cloth it will only go through as many layers as are specified by max_trace_level, and then return a black pixel. If you see strange black patches in parts of the object that should be invisible, try adding something like this to the start of the scene:

global_settings {max_trace_level 10}

There's a full size rendering of the POVRay image here (67kb).

The hair texture and transparency map are by Kozaburo and Yamato, and are available from the Poser Factory (but there's now a better version "Kyoko Hair Mk-2" at Digital Babes)

Texture Map
Texture Map
Transparency Map


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