Converting Poser 3 models to POV 3.5

© Mike Williams 2002,2003


In UVMapper


Fixing Materials

In the last session we ended up with the hair being made of the same material as the shirt. If you've got props in your pose, then you may well find that they have incorrect materials too.

We'll now use UVMapper to correct these materials.

It's possible that you might be using a slightly different version of POSER, and may not experience the problem, in which case you can skip directly to the next section of the tutorial.

1. Create and export your pose as in the previous session

2. Run UVMapper
Use File - Load to load your OBJ file into UVMapper.
Use Edit - Select - Group and select the object that has an incorrect material. In this case figureHair
Use Edit - Assign - Material and type in a new name, I've used hair.
Click OK and Yes when asked if you want to create a new material.
Use File - Save Model to save a copy of the OBJ file with the corrected material map.

3. Use OBJuvPOV
as in the previous session.

4. Edit the .POV file
as in the previous session, but this time there's an extra texture for the hair.

The materials in an OBJ file are not rigidly attached to groups. It's possible for a group to consist of polygons which have different materials, e.g. an eye group contains some polygons that are painted with the iris material and others that are painted with the pupil material, and a material like shirt can be painted onto some of the polygons contained in the chest and abdomen groups.

In POV we are only concerned with the materials, and are quite happy to deal with the object as if it were a single group.

In the next section we will consider using UV mapping.